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RSU 38 • 2250 Millard Harrison Drive • Readfield, ME 04355 • 207-685-4923 x1065 • Fax: 207-685-9597


Maranacook Adult and Community Education is part of a statewide system of more than 100 adult programs and learning centers. By forming partnerships with the Maine Community College System, local employers, the Career Center, Vocation Rehabilitation, the University System and many other educational organizations, we together provide Maine adult with the education and training required to obtain viable employment earning a liveable wage.  

We offer courses in 3 major categories:

  • Skills Trainingcourses designed to provide Maine citizens with the skills training necessary to gain employment, start a new career or advance within their current career field. Our Commercial Driving Licensure (CDL) truck driver training program teaches students safe operation of trucks and a working knowledge of the trucking industry and its regulations. This real world CDL training consists of 42 hours of classroom instruction and 30 hours of driving instruction. Graduates of the CDL program will posses the knowledge and skills necessary to obtain their state CDL license (B) and gain employment as a truck and/or bus driver. For more information about our CDL Driving Program click HERE
  • High Diploma and College Preparation courses help people achieve their educational goals. Those student who complete their high school diploma requirements are encouraged to continue their educational plans by enrolling in our college transitions courses which assist people of all ages in gaining the skills necessary to suceed in college.
  • Maranacook Adult and Community Education also offers our local and surrounding rural communities with access to enrichment classes designed to provide critical training opportunities as well as a wide variety of unique and fun experiences including travel, cooking classes, learning to play musical instruments, health and wellness activities, walking trails, fitness classes and much more!

Adult Education courses are great choices because they are local, affordable, and designed to fit within your schedule. Browse our courses today, and contact us if you have any questions or feedback.


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RSU 38 • 2250 Millard Harrison Drive • Readfield, ME 04355 • 207-685-4923 x1065 • Fax: 207-685-9597