Director Steve Vose, and office staff Susan Simons (lt.) and Nicole Cushing (rt.) welcome students and community members back for the 2019-20 school year. Please contact us at 685-4923 x.1065 or adulted@maranacook.org with any questions. We are always glad to help!  

UPDATE: Maranacook Adult and Community Education, as a cost saving measure, is not mailing brochures to local community members during the 2019-20 school year. Instead brochures will be available at drop off locations (Town Offices, General Stores, Libraries, Local RSU 38 Schools and the Superintendent’s Office) throughout the surrounding communities of Wayne, Mt. Vernon, Readfield, Manchester, Winthrop, Monmouth, Fayette, Augusta, Gardiner and Hallowell. Paper brochures can also be requested by calling our adult education office at 685-4923 x. 1065. Considering that currently 85% of our Adult Education registrations occur online at (http://maranacook.maineadulted.org/), we are hopeful that residents will continue to embrace the online registration process and use it to an even higher capacity in 2019-20. Many people have likely started seeing our Fall 2019-20 brochure showing up in drop off locations but when attempting to register online encountered difficulties. We apologize for the difficult start we have had in getting our online brochure live. Today, however, we feel that we have sorted through all of the problems and individuals can now access our full course catalog and sign up for classes. Thanks to everyone for their understanding and look forward to seeing you in our enrichment classes this fall semester. – Steve Vose, AE Director

Learning for everyone

Make 2019 the year you learn to play guitar…get your degree… change jobs…

Whatever new skill or life change you’re dreaming of, there’s a good chance your local Maine adult education program can help you get there.

  • Oct
    Original source: https://www.hotelnepalaya.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/Reiki-healing-in-Nepal.jpg

    Reiki Level Two

    Training in the 2nd degree consists of learning additional symbols and in absentia healing (also known as “long distance or psychic healing”). Your attunement increases your ability to channel Universal Life Force energy. Wednesday, October 23, 2019 Time: 6-8:30 pm Registration: $100

  • Oct
    Original source: https://c8.alamy.com/comp/RE7A6E/fresh-buttermilk-southern-biscuits-or-scones-over-a-white-table-shot-from-above-top-view-RE7A6E.jpg

    Biscuits/Scones (Just added 2nd session!)

    Remember the aroma of fresh biscuits just out of the oven? Come see how easy it is to make biscuits and impress your family. We’ll make slight variations in the biscuits then have a taste test. Scones are basically enriched biscuits so if you can make one, you can make the other! Please bring a […]

  • Oct
    Original source: https://www.loveandoliveoil.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/butternut-squash-soup-FEAT.jpg

    Soups for Fall — New Date!

    Fall is a perfect time for comforting soup. Learn to make 2 favorites: lemony chicken orzo and a winter squash with gruyere croutons. Instructor: Kathryn Booth Date: TBA Time: 5:30-7:30 pm Location: MCHS Registration: $10

  • Oct
    Original source: https://www.insidehypnosis.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/hypnosis_NYC_hypnotherapy_NYC-25.jpeg

    Hypnosis for Pain Management-NEW! Session I

    Everyone’s pain is different. Everyone’s experience of pain is different. In this class, participants experience the wonderful, relaxing state of hypnosis, and often relief of chronic pain symptoms. People are given tools to manage their pain after class. Participants should continue to take any medications that are prescribed by their doctors prior to the class. […]

  • Oct
    Original source: https://cdn11.bigcommerce.com/s-05d5f/images/stencil/1280x1280/products/245/880/aromatherapyrollerballssq__19996.1434488164.jpg?c=2&imbypass=on

    Essential Oils Rollerball Make and Take

    Come learn some basics about essential oils, how Essential Oils can improve your family’s health and wellness! Make a Rollerball combining essential oils with a carrier oil for a specific purpose, such as stress, headache or muscle pain. Charge for the cost of supplies $10/10 ML-$5/5ML – Value discount, make 5 10ML for the price […]

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